In the space of a few months, humanity radically changes direction. 
It finally makes the right decisions for safeguarding its environment and, consequently, for its survival.

This is what we will later call "the Passage".

Everywhere, humans are applying themselves to leading a harmonious, natural and peaceful life, guided by solidarity, respect and spirituality.
Three young people, Océane, Darsha and Even, are given a mission by a mysterious Force.
They must find out the causes and origins of this salutary awakening.
Through their previous lives, they plunge into the secret history of humanity.
A fascinating quest into the wisdom of the Ancients, into the history and origins of esotericism.

So that no-one will forget.
Hope 2050 is a truly collaborative original web-series project, in collaboration with Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis.

The principle:  send us your videos and photos, they will be integrated into the series to enrich the storyline!
Thanks to your ideas, your messages, your knowledge and your energy, you will help the Messengers move forward in their quest and discover the mystery of the Passage.
Help us enrich this extraordinary adventure, and make this series an interactive project entirely devoted to universal hope for a transcended, fraternal and united humanity.
Send your messages here, you will be notified when the first episode comes out.

And participate in the greatest adventure of all times!